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Choose the BEST home warranty!

🏆Best Regional Home Warranty for 2019 (2014, 2015, and 2016) from Home Warranty Reviews
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🏆Consumer Choice for the Home Warranty Industry for 2019 from Best Company
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Looking for a new career? Landmark Home Warranty was recently named one of the best companies to work for in Utah! 🏆 Take a look at our benefits and what our employees said about working at Landmark! Read more:

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Landmark was named the Best Regional Home Warranty Company for 2019 by Home Warranty Reviews. We are grateful for this recognition and we are excited to continue delivering remarkable service to our homeowners and real estate partners!

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The holidays are a hard time to do marketing in the real estate industry .... right? Wrong! Use these five tips to get great leads! Not to mention, you can get our FREE downloadable holiday cards that are ready to send to your clients ... they just need your logo. Get them here: https:/...

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To our customers, contractors, and real estate partners on this Thanksgiving Day: thank you! We appreciate you and wish you a wonderful day full of friends, family, and food.

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If you have earwigs in your home, you may wonder why. Having a lot of moisture in your home (even over watered house plants!) can be a draw to earwigs! Learn more about getting rid of them here: c

Landmark Home Warranty Photo 2018-08-09 02:01

What is home refinancing anyway? Good question! It is simply opening a new mortgage (at a hopefully lower rate!) on your existing home. Learn more here:
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