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How to Compare Plans on Landmark's Website

How to Compare Plans on Landmark's Website

How to Compare Plans on Landmark's Website: We've added a brand new feature to our website! You can now compare plans down to the finest details just by clicking on the system or appliance that is covered. Watch this how-to guide to learn more!

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Choose the BEST home warranty!

🏆Best Regional Home Warranty for 2019 (2014, 2015, and 2016) from Home Warranty Reviews
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🏆Consumer Choice for the Home Warranty Industry for 2019 from Best Company
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Looking for a new career? Landmark Home Warranty was recently named one of the best companies to work for in Utah! 🏆 Take a look at our benefits and what our employees said about working at Landmark! Read more:

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Landmark was named the Best Regional Home Warranty Company for 2019 by Home Warranty Reviews. We are grateful for this recognition and we are excited to continue delivering remarkable service to our homeowners and real estate partners!

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We've been honored with the Consumer Choice Award for the home warranty industry from Best Company for 2019! Check out the link in our description for all the details!

Landmark Home Warranty Awarded 2019 Consumer Choice Award

We are excited to announce that we've been honored with the 🏆 Consumer Choice Award for home warranties from Best Company for 2019! Read our press release to see why we are consumers' #1 choice in home warranties:

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If you are like most homeowners you probably don't know how your central heating system works. This article will educate you about the four types of central heating and what maintenance is required for each system.

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The holidays are a hard time to do marketing in the real estate industry .... right? Wrong! Use these five tips to get great leads! Not to mention, you can get our FREE downloadable holiday cards that are ready to send to your clients ... they just need your logo. Get them here: https:/...

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Brr! It's time to take a look at where your home is losing heat. Learn how to insulate and keep your energy costs low with this article and infographic:
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