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Uniwasher, Inc. is celebrating their 20th anniversary this weekend! The South-Florida powerhouse wouldn't be the same without Vivian Trout - this week's Women in Laundry honoree.

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This month in How to Start a Laundromat, we ask: Is The Coin Laundry Business Right For You?. Jim & Liza thought so, and we agree! Let's find out why:

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This week we're highlighting Uniwasher, Inc.'s very own Vivian Trout! Vivian is an industry vet, top selling OPL saleswoman who knows a thing or two about the laundry industry. Read her story here to learn more:

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A career with nothing but exciting twists and turns - Cathy Neilley got the inspiration for starting her business from a book! Read more about her journey here:

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Winter Storm Quinn is hitting us hard in the Northeast!

If you contacted anyone here at Laundrylux HQ and you're waiting on a response, we left early to get home safe. We'll get to you as soon as we can!

Stay safe out there!

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This week, we're highlighting Cathy Neilley, owner of Spin Doctor Laundromat! Cathy's journey to owning her first laundromat - from successful businesswoman to an even more successful entrepreneur - is a must read:
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