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Learning with Mrs. L - Who Remembers?: I am not this old....but | Happy New Year with amazing DOLLAR DEALS! | Look at these beautiful playgrounds!..

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Learning with Mrs. Langley Photo 2017-12-30 04:40

Happy New Year with amazing DOLLAR DEALS! Search #RingIn2018 on TPT December 30 & 31 to find these and hundreds of other resources for just a dollar! http://bit.ly/2Ej6F1O

Queen of the First Grade Jungle - Learning with Mrs. Langley 2017-09-24 15:44

We have got to keep our priorities straight as teachers of reading. I am fighting tooth and nail to help my 4th grade son maintain his love of reading. He goes to bed READING every single night. He READS every car ride. He begs me to buy him new books off of Amazon to READ. So if he chooses books he...
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