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New Sculpting Jean - Lee Jeans 2018-10-13 16:03

New Sculpting Jean - Lee Jeans 2018-10-13 16:03

New Sculpting Jean: A waistband that looks slimmer, feels better and shapes like no other. The Sculpting Pull On Jean is here to slay.

— Products shown: Lee Women's Sculpting Slim Fit Leg Pull On Jeans.

Boy Proof - Lee Jeans 2018-09-28 14:59

He’s always on the go. Climbing up, sliding down, running forward into his next adventure. He needs jeans that are durable enough to hold through the scuffles but also stretch enough to let him move; jeans that stay dry despite the puddles and last wear through wear, wash to wash. A pair of ...

Lee Jeans Photo 2018-09-19 14:52

A sophisticated blouse, the perfect fit jeans and shoes with a pop of color create a look that’s just the right combination of elegant and fun.

Move Your Lee with Boldness - Lee Jeans 2018-09-19 14:51

Challenges do not scare you. They thrill you. And you take them on with your own touch of flair, class, and attitude. Why do something the average way when the flexible, move-with-you design of Lee jeans allow you to do it your way? Don’t Just Move. Move Your Lee.

Move Your Lee with Swagger - Lee Jeans 2018-09-13 15:11

You’re a go-getter. A go-against-the-status-quo-er. A get-it-done-your-way-er. And you make it look good. Because you’re a Move-Your-Lee-er. With denim that stretches and moves with you, you’re never held back, never slowed down. With Lee jeans, you can take on anything, however you choose t...

The Flex Motion Line - Lee Jeans 2018-09-10 14:46

Lee’s Flex Motion Line features a jean and a pant constructed with super-stretch fabric and an athletically inspired waistband that enables freedom of movement without binding at the waist. It’s the jean you wear when you don’t want to wear jeans. And it looks good.

Sculpting Jean - Lee Jeans 2018-09-07 14:54

The Sculpting Jean uses high-tech fibers that stretch, sculpt and support you without bagging, sagging or losing its shape. These jeans will keep you looking perfectly sculpted wear after wear.
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