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Wilderness Mustangs - Lets See Who Loves Horses 2 2018-10-29 18:28

Colorado State University *Very Smart*

Bureau of Land Management continues the study planning with reservations available to witness the horror of unsterile accommodations and wild mares being subjected to abusive surgeries to remove their ovaries with a chain. Where is PETA? Where is HSU...

Return To Freedom, Wild Horse Conservation

TAKE ACTION: Click here to send a message to U.S. Forest Service officials demanding that they call off a planned unrestricted sale that could see an estimated 300 older wild horses sold to slaughter: https://bit.ly/2PmUhG4


American Wild Horse Campaign - Lets See Who Loves Horses 2 2018-10-26 01:40

A sad Throwback Thursday tonight: Three years ago this month, the BLM helicopter roundup at Silver King in Nevada killed this stallion, who we named Braveheart. After being stampeded and captured, Braveheart rammed the bars of the trap pen in a futile effort to defend his mare and foal; he...

FDA Warns Firms About Monensin Contamination in Horse Feed – The Horse

The FDA warned Gilman Co-Op Creamery and Farmers/Ranchers Cooperative Association of Ainsworth about monensin contamination in horse feed they produced. Monensin is an animal drug approved for use in cattle, swine, and poultry that is highly toxic and potentially lethal to horses, even at re...

The Darker Side of Horse Breeding: ‘Throwaway’ Foals

Horse Racing is Cruel to Horses. Horse racing is cruel, when they are done with the Horses- they are most often not cared for and abandoned or breed - resulting in many foals not being wanted when they use nurse mares etc. http://blog.theanimalrescuesite.com/throwaway-foals-trash/