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Life: Live, Love, Laugh Photo 2018-02-16 19:36

Change is scary for most of us. For some reason we believe that it’s going to lead us away from something we want, like, or need, and from our comfort zone. We are afraid of the unknown. Interestingly, the most profound experiences are always in the realm of the unknown. The known is always ...
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TJ Carrie Visits Stanford Children's Hospital And Reunites With Surgeon

A follow-up to the story we first brought you on Valentine’s Day. To commemorate the 12th anniversary of his open-heart surgery, to repair what doctors describe as a one-in-a-million heart defect, Oakland Raiders cornerback TJ Carrie, visited with patients currently being treated for heart disease, and reunited with Frank Hanley, MD, the surgeon who repaired his heart, allowing him to return to football. Read more from TJ and Dr. Hanley here or watch the video from the The Oakland Raiders