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Life: Live, Love, La - Forgive others and forgive yourself every | David Wolfe: | be your #1 fan and critic .. lets ourselves | Yesterday is gone...

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Gary Vaynerchuk - Life: Live, Love, Laugh 2017-10-12 12:07

be your #1 fan and critic .. lets ❤️ ourselves because it makes it much easier for others to do so! #mindset of #happiness ... I adore all of u for your attention and feedback and love and I implore you to sit on this post a tag a few friends who need to see it !!!
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Motion and Sports Performance Laboratory: After an injury, it can be hard to know when a young athlete is ready to get back on the field. Our Motion and Sports Performance Laboratory gives us a virtual look beneath the athlete's skin, helping us make data-driven decisions about when an athlete is ready to return to sport. The lab's technology also helps athletes improve their performance and reduce the risk of future injuries. Learn more at

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The Medical City (TMC) celebrated its 50th year anniversary last Saturday, October 14, through a special musical dubbed "TMC Golden Journey." Homegrown TMC talents - doctors and staff - starred in the musical that tells the TMC story filled with milestones and music. We at TMC believe that it is important that we look back at our rich history, and the stories that molded TMC to what it is today – along with its identity and audacity to embrace genuine patient partnership and strengthen healthcare leadership. #TMCat50 #TMCGoldenJourney