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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Photo 2018-03-18 13:01

The drawing exhibits the technical prowess that made William Turner both controversial and celebrated. The lake and mountains display successive applications of color—in dilute washes, drier watercolors, and semi-opaque mixtures—while the mist and reflections reveal the smooth white surface of the paper scraped out of an already painted area. Featured Artwork of the Day: William Turner (British, 1775-1851) | The Lake of Zug | 1843

American Museum of Natural History Photo 2018-03-18 00:28

Occasional masses of jellies happen normally, but the world’s oceans seem to be experiencing more—and more severe—blooms, as the masses are called. Experts think overfishing may be one cause: many fishes and jellies compete for the same zooplankton prey. When the fishes are gone the jellies thrive. Learn more about how “jelly detectives” are tracking these critters through the depths in our new exhibition, Unseen Oceans! Photo: Max Pixel