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Little Scientists - A great science lesson that is so much fun!🤗🤗,Our | Last month we have one colleague celebrating | Play is important in children's..

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D'Monte Sri Kembangan - Little Scientists 2018-04-21 15:02

A great science 💡⚗⚙🔬🔭🔍🔎💭lesson that is so much fun!🤗🤗
Our Kids love ❤️ to explore💭💭💭 the world around them and experiment with materials at their disposal. They create and discover with these fun science experiments.🔎🔎🔎🔬⚗
We love 😘😘😘seeing them working together 💪🏻💪🏻to learn something amazing.👏👏👏

Ho Teh Eng - Little Scientists 2017-11-01 05:27

Last month we have one colleague celebrating her mum's birthday. We wish Dila's mum good health and happiness always!

We grant Special Annual Leave for the birthday of employees’ mother as one of our G.O.L (Gift Of Love) Projects. We want our employees to celebrate with their mothers ...

Ho Teh Eng - Little Scientists 2017-10-16 05:29

Play is important in children's social development. The more they play, the more they socialize. The more they play and engage, the more they learn how to work together.

When play is integrated with academic skills development, children get to practice skills learned in class (teache...
ALFA and Friends - Little Scientists 2017-10-04 12:02

ALFA and Friends - Little Scientists 2017-10-04 12:02

ALFA and Friends: Hero up with our Earth Hero Tee to save the planet in style! #superheroteegamestrong

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Ho Teh Eng - Little Scientists 2017-10-03 13:22

Mentoring and Coaching

I am lucky and grateful to have a few mentors to guide me in my entrepreneur journey. A good mentor can improve our practice, develop the team and breathe vitality into the organization.

Personally, the mentors have impacted me in the following ways:
- I ref...

Ho Teh Eng - Little Scientists 2017-09-24 12:52

Continuous Professional Development

Lately, I have come across many preschool principals and teachers who are enrolling in courses for their continuous professional development. Many of them hold a bachelor’s degree and are now pursuing post graduate courses related to early childhood educa...

Ho Teh Eng - Little Scientists 2017-09-20 05:05

Ways to support and challenge students to reach their potential:

- Most importantly, tell yourself ‘This student can learn and I can help them do it’.
- Keep looking for new approaches.
- Look at both sides of the situation. Identify the challenges that the student, and you, must em...

Ho Teh Eng - Little Scientists 2017-09-06 12:38

When my children were young, I still remember how challenging life was trying to balance between my expectation of being “the best mother in the world” and running my own business. As a family, my husband and I wanted to nurture a love for reading for our children, have home-cooked meals at ho...

Ho Teh Eng - Little Scientists 2017-08-29 06:18

Today is the birthday of one of our Muslim colleagues. I specially made 2 red eggs according to our Chinese custom to wish the birthday girl. We shared about the dyeing method to get an even dye on the eggs. Did you know that vinegar is a must in doing this? May be you should do an experiment on t...

Ho Teh Eng - Little Scientists 2017-08-28 07:19

I have two children and it was different bringing up them when there was no internet, wifi or smart phones. We read together a lot and they loved the Children Encyclopedia! (I had to pay in installment but that was the best investment I made!) When we went out for meals or trips, I broug...