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Louis Armstrong - If you want a playlist that is jazz perfection, | Are these the 50 Best Jazz Singers Of All | Bing Crosby & Friends - Misto..

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“Billie and I are doing quite a bit of acting (ahem); she’s also my sweetheart in the picture. Now isn’t that something? The great Billie Holiday, my sweetheart."

New Orleans', a film starring Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday was out in cinemas in Europe 70 years ago this week

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“The people over there ask me what’s wrong with my country. What am I supposed to say?”

On 17 September 1957, Louis Armstrong cancelled a state department tour of the Soviet Union in protest at what was happening in Little Rock. Here is a piece about the controversy 60 years ago, remember...

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On 16 September 1995, the US postal service honoured some great musicians with 32 cent stamps, which were designed by Dean Mitchell and Thomas Blackshear. The 10 musicians included Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, Jelly Roll Morton and Coleman Hawkins

The 100 Greatest Jazz Album Covers | uDiscover

At the dawn of the LP era jazz album covers became the benchmark for great art, regardless of the genre. Jazz and great album art remain synonymous and we've picked 100 of the best. Let us know your favourites...

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Harry Connick Jr is 50 today.
He says that one of his main inspirations was the jazz of Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington. Asked in 1989 whether he played pop or jazz, he said: "I’m attempting to play and sing music on a higher level and broadcast it to as many people as I can, the...
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