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Louis Armstrong Photo 2018-03-16 16:44

Cornetist Ruby Braff was born on 16 March 1927 in Boston.
He said of Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington: “Duke and Louis had a great sense of drama. That’s what made them so great and wonderful to see and that’s why they never overdid things. They always acted nice and kept everything beautiful....

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Bud Freeman, the bandleader, composer and tenor saxophonist, died on 15 March 1991, aged 84. He said of Louis Armstrong: “In my view, Louis was the great player, he was the great master of jazz… Louis was the great influence. He was, unfortunately, copied by every untalented player...

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On 15 March 1968, Louis Armstrong released ‘Disney Songs the Satchmo Way’. In a written piece explaining why the album was special to him, he talked about how his own dream had been to be King of the Zulus, adding: “So I am very fond of the song ‘Wish Upon a Star’. This song is so goddarned ...

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Remembering Leon Bismark 'Bix' Beiderbecke, who was born in Iowa on 10 March 1903. In his autobiography 'Satchmo: My Life in New Orleans', Louis Armstrong said, “Every musician in the world knew and admired Bix...we all respected him as though he had been a god.”

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This photograph of Louis Armstrong leaving London Airport for Ghana in 1956 was taken by the brilliant British photographer Val Wilmer (Clive Wilmer, Val’s younger brother, aged 11 is in background). It is one of her pictures in this BBC feature:


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'What do I want to get famous for? What do I care about famous? The public does that. That ain’t me man. I just blow. I don’t care who I’m playing for or where I’m playing. My mind never leaves that tailgate.'