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True Love | (Vocals Only | Maher Zain Tube

True love, it’s a gift
I will never let go of true love
I will give my body and soul for true love
Everyday in my heart I feel it grow
With true love, oh oh
True love, love, love yeah!

The Power | (Vocals Only Version) | Maher Zain Tube

You can say it once
Or a hundred times or more
You’ll feel at peace inside
And it’ll open every door

Tadroon | (Vocals Only) | Maher Zain Tube

تدرون كم الأجر اللّي تلاقون
يومٍ على المصطفى الهادي تصلّون
تدرون بإنه يجيب اللّي يصلّون
صلّوا عليه و سلّموا قد ما تحبّون

Ummati (English) | (Vocals Only) | Maher Zain Tube

Enjoy listening to the Live & Acoustic Version of "Ummati" from the NEW album “The Best of Maher Zain Live & Acoustic” .. Watch it NOW

By My Side | Official Lyrics | Maher Zain Tube

When I’m out there in the darkest place
Worn and tired
I can still see You illuminate
All my skies
When it feels like I’ve fallen too far from You
There You, there You, there You are
Guiding me through

Eidun Saeed - Mesut Kurtis ft. Maher Zain | Official Video | Maher Zain Tube

Eid Mubarak! Happy Eid-al-Fitr to all my muslim brothers and sisters around the world. may our Fasting,Sacrifices during the holy month of Ramadan be accepted and may we All have a Happy Peaceful Eid Celebration.Eid Mubarak to All of you

Medina | Official Music Video | Maher Zain Tube

In my dreams I make my way to Medina
The home and chosen place
Of our beloved Prophet
Where all I feel is peace
And so much joy around
No better place for me, yeah!

Huwa AlQuran (Music Video) | ماهر زين - هو القرآن | Maher Zain Tube

هو القرآنُ والفرقان ... إليهِ تُنصِتُ الأكوان
وفيه تُعطّرُ الآذان ... هو القرآن
ضياءٌ يملأُ الآفاق ... ونورٌ يبعثُ الأشواق
وفيه مَحاسِنُ الأخلاق ... هو القرآن