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MoMA The Museum of Modern Art Photo 2018-01-22 23:11

“It confronts you, and you feel almost obliged to respond because it’s so potent,” the artist Peter Doig has said of Trinidad, where he has maintained a studio since 2012. This work, “Lapeyrouse Wall,” portrays a lone figure striding against the wall of the largest cemetery in Port of Spain, Trinidad. It was acquired in honor of legendary curator Kynaston McShine, who championed contemporary art at MoMA for many decades. McShine, born in Trinidad, recalled walking to school along the wall in the picture. Visit to learn more. #MoMACollection … Image: Peter Doig. “Lapeyrouse Wall.” 2004. Fractional and promised gift of Anna Marie and Robert F. Shapiro in honor of Kynaston McShine. © 2018 Peter Doig