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Black Muslim is changing the face of fencing

Maplewood, New Jersey - With each burst of energy, Ibtihaj Muhammad usually shreds her opponents with relative ease.

"A lot of people say that fencing is the physical chess," Muhammad told theGrio's Todd Johnson. "That's what I love about it...the strategy ...

islamandafrica - Malcolm X 2011-11-09 15:08

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African Islamic Mission - Malcolm X 2011-07-13 13:21

The most comprehensive listings of articles, books and audio information about African Muslims in America and Africa. We are a resource and information site for everything you need to know about African Islamic history and African American Muslims in America. Spiritualism,
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Fashion is Kale: Charles Elliott Harbison, Founder and Creativ...: What challenge to building a fashion brand or business do you wish was discussed more? For Charles Harbison, Founder and Creative Director of HARBISON, it’s the importance and difficulties of developing forward-thinking products. Join the livestream of #ItemsMoMA’s Fashion is Kale symposium at to catch up on today’s sessions with the hidden heroes of the fashion industry. Up next: Trial (gauging market response), and Production (from prototype to product).