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Our research confirms: fortune favors the bold, especially for companies that sense a digital competitor entering their market space.

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In our latest podcast, we explore how companies with an eye on big-picture trends can help shape a new societal deal. Android: iTunes: Full transcript:

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Digitization is causing a radical reordering of traditional industry boundaries due to the ubiquity of mobile interfaces, and the growing power of artificial intelligence. Have questions about this topic? Ask the authors here:

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We've noticed your vibrant discussions and excellent questions here on LinkedIn, and so have our authors. We thought we might periodically open the floor for topical questions, then select several for the authors to answer.

Today's topic is Sectors without Borders: industry boundarie...

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The next generation of HR is data driven, not experience driven; systematic, not ad hoc; and consistent, not hit and miss. A CEO’s guide to competing through HR to drive real business value:

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Only 11 percent of more than 500 executives we polled strongly felt that their leadership-development interventions achieve and sustain the desired results. We identified four interventions that matter most:

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A case study on people analytics shows that executives who can complement experience-based wisdom with analytically driven insight stand a much better chance of linking their talent efforts to business value.

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As incumbents and digital natives alike seek to secure their positions while building new ones, ecosystems are sure to evolve in ways that surprise us. In owning an automotive, different sectors play different roles from one stage of the ecosystem to the next.

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When we study how fundamental human needs and powerful technologies are likely to converge going forward, it is difficult to conclude that tomorrow’s industries and sector borders will look like today's:

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Within a decade, companies will define their business models not by how they play against traditional industry peers but by how effective they are in competing within rapidly emerging “ecosystems,” comprising a variety of businesses from dimensionally different sectors. How executives can adapt ...

A CEO action plan for workplace automation

For example, we estimate automation could cut the current process time for mortgage origination in the US from an average 37 days to less than 1.