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Can meditation enhance social and emotional learning?

Middle school students who practiced meditation as part of a school program showed significant improvements in social and emotional learning competencies and psychological distress.

Fibromyalgia May be Eased With Mindfulness Training, Pilot Trial Suggests

Completing an eight-week program of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) helps lessen clinical symptoms of fibromyalgia, including disease severity, depression, perceived stress, and cognitive difficulties, a pilot trial suggests.

The practice also seems to ease patients’ pro...

Study finds mindful people are happier with their sex life

Married adults who are more aware of the present moment tend to have higher levels of sexual satisfaction, according to new research published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy. The research suggests that mindfulness plays an important role in sexual wellbeing.


Showing Yourself Compassion Can Have Mental and Physical Benefits

A study published in Clinical Psychological Science shows that university students who engaged in exercises focused on self-compassion had lower physiological arousal relative to peers who engaged in other exercises.

“These findings suggest that being kind to oneself switches off the threat res...

Fibromyalgia Facial Pain Eased with Self-Care Techniques, Study Finds

Women with facial muscle pain — with or without fibromyalgia — reported that jaw-opening exercises, warm compresses, yoga, and meditation eased their pain better than most commonly used pain management therapies such as oral appliances (mouth guard, splints) and transcutaneous electrical...