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Review: GWAR - 'The Blood Of Gods' [Full Album Stream]

GWAR is back to kick some ass in the name of Oderus Urungus. He would be proud! - Wessel
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Released on this date in 2001:

The final studio album from Norwegian black metal godfathers Emperor official, 'Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire & Demise.'

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Released on this date in 1990:

'Up From The Ashes,' the solo debut from Don Dokken. Dokken assembled an all-star band for this project, including former Europe guitarist JOHN NORUM and former King Diamond/future Official Motรถrhead drummer Mikkey Dee; it reached Billboard's top fifty.

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Released on this date in 1977:

'Bat Out of Hell,' the first collaboration between composer Jim Steinman and vocalist Meat Loaf. The Todd Rundgren-produced album, turned down by every major label and released on a tiny Epic subsidiary, went on to be a full-blown cultural phenomenon a...

The Bucketlist With Theo Parmenter of VOIDS

Here's Theo Parmenter of Voids listing out the bands he wants to knock off his bucket list ASAP. Tell us what bands are in your bucket list! - Fist
#Voids #Bucketlist #Hardcore #Interview