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Michael Bolton Photo 2018-10-24 14:44

People always ask me, how do you sing the same hits thousands of times and keep it fresh?? Every new night, every new venue and every new audience is a new experience for me with my songs.

Michael Bolton Photo 2018-10-22 15:12

Loving the UK tour!! Singing with my loud fantastic fun funny fans at night and enjoying the beautiful countryside on voice rest days!!!

Michael Bolton Photo 2018-10-13 20:59

New duet out now! The lovely FILIPPA GIORDANO reimagines my classic love song with a gorgeous arrangement. It was a joy to sing with her and reconnect to this song in a new way.

#howamisupposedtolivewithoutyou #duet #classic #lovesong

Michael Bolton Photo 2018-10-11 15:15

I have an IMPORTANT announcement — especially for my Fans in Scotland!! We are moving the GLASGOW date to November 7th! I know many of you have tickets already so I HOPE HOPE HOPE you can reschedule without too much inconvenience. I will explain more when I can but there was an unforeseen s...