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Michael Jackson - SCREAM Highlight: “Scream” – Michael is well | Michael Jackson's Halloween: Michael Jackson’s | “I sat him in front of a mirror..

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SCREAM Highlight: “Scream” – Michael is well known for his perfectionism. In a 2015 interview, producer Jimmy Jam shared that Michael spent an entire day looking for the perfect handclap sound. #MichaelsMagic

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“I sat him in front of a mirror and shot some photos, and I said ‘act like you’re reading a letter like you just got from your girl,'” Photographer Reginald Garcia said.

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Michael reminds us how important it is to help make the world a better place. “When you have seen the things I have seen and travelled all over the world, you would not be honest to yourself and the world to [look away].” – Michael Jackson

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Billboard Magazine has confirmed that SCREAM is Michael Jackson’s 30th Billboard Top 200 charting album!! Celebrate by posting a photo of you with your copy of the Scream album and upload it to the “Michael and You” album on the community page of MichaelJackson.com for an opportunity to be inclu...

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SCREAM highlight: “Unbreakable.” A standout track from Invincible featuring a breakout verse from Notorious B.I.G., this song reminded fans of Michael’s unshakeable confidence in himself. Lead by example.

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Many lucky fans were able to attend the New York ComiCon World Premiere of Michael Jackson’s Halloween last Thursday! If you didn’t get to go, don’t worry – it will be on your TV soon! Check your local listings.