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Artist Painter Waleed Yassin | WOoArts - Egypt

Fine art painting for sale by Egyptian artist Waleed Yassin. His realism paintings stand out with his own unique artistic vision. He painted a great selection of scenes and profiles from the heart of the Egyptian culture.
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Gun of the Day - NRA Museums 2018-04-25 13:01

GUN OF THE DAY - A Cane Gun with Feathers One of the more popular GOTDs for visitors that partake of our daily 1pm tour is this Remington cane gun that bears a carved ivory duck head that even has mounted glass eyes. Beautifully rendered feathers are part of the duck's head and the realism is such that if we hold it around the corner of an exhibit case, someone will usually say, "Look Martha, there's a duck in the gallery." None of our staff have borrowed this artifact to complete a dapper outfit, but we're waiting for that day. Caliber: .32 rimfire Production Date:1866-1888 #NRAmuseums #GunOfTheDay #guns #history

American Museum of Natural History Photo 2018-04-25 00:00

Are you ready for Trilobite Tuesday? We often focus on the more bizarre members of the trilobite community—species with spinose exoskeletons, exaggerated morphological features, and streamlined body designs. Sometimes, however, the most successful members of the ancient trilobite line were those, like this 15-cm Isotelus latus from the 450-million-year-old Ordovician rocks of Ontario, Canada, whose carapace more resembled a Paleozoic meatloaf. It’s speculated that this body plan allowed trilobites to more easily burrow under soft sea-bottom sediments.