Middle East Fine Arts

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Middle East Fine Art - Photo by Mahmoud Alturbaq | https://buff.ly/2mMUH8n | https://buff.ly/2DNc8y2 | https://buff.ly/2mKEjp3 | Photo by Abdelrahman..

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National Gallery Photo 2018-01-22 10:14

Stand before Gerhard Richter's intriguing black and white painting, 'Helga Matura and her Fiancé' in 'Monochrome: Painting in Black and White', closing on 18 February: http://bit.ly/2gn6afj The work of Richter is characterised by its focus on the process of painting itself. While his point of departure was often, as in this early ‘photo-painting’, a figurative motif, Richter distanced himself from his subject by blurring the painting with a wooden stick or a squeegee.

American Museum of Natural History Photo 2018-01-22 02:25

A regenerating worm that makes a home inside your body? It sounds like a nightmare—but tapeworms live in the digestive tracts of vertebrates, including humans, where they feed on the host’s food. The worm’s body consists of segments called proglottids. Older segments move inexorably toward the worm’s tail as new ones are constantly generated at the worm’s head. Proglottids at the tail break off and are excreted, but with new ones ready to take their place, the worm just carries on.

Gun of the Day - NRA Museums 2018-01-21 14:00

GUN OF THE DAY - Miniature Colt Walker Revolver Next to this diminutive percussion Colt is a U.S. dime coin. The actual full size Walker was itself at one point in history the most powerful handgun in the world, but our 47% scale version might possibly be considered adequate for hunting cockroaches at close range. The U.S. Historical Society had this special edition made, perhaps for collectors running out of space. The original Walker revolver was .44 caliber and was made circa 1847. #NRAmuseums #GunOfTheDay #guns #mini