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The Biggest Myth About Nicotine Addiction

The Biggest Myth About Nicotine Addiction: It's not the chemicals that make smoking so hard to quit — It's something much more simple. Tag someone who relates to this feeling! 😉

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Discover The Inbuilt Software That Helps Humans Survive

Discover The Inbuilt Software That Helps Humans Survive: Eric Edmeades, explains the inbuilt software that has helped humans survive for thousands of years 💪

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High-tech imaging could reveal mysteries of bone damage in kids with chronic disease

“In chronic disease, we think there’s a window during development when kids’ bones are especially vulnerable,” says Mary Leonard, chair of the Department of Pediatrics at Stanford. “And once [they] stop growing, there’s little opportunity to make the bones thicker. That ship has sailed.” Leonard, who studies how chronic childhood diseases take a toll on patients' bones, is putting her discoveries to good use. "Ultimately, we want to strengthen their bones so they can be happier and more active in childhood and throughout their adult lives as well." Read the full story on the Stanford Medicine blog: http://stan.md/2G8bGLn

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It is an occasion of immense pride for all of us, the healthcare fraternity and India that our Vice Chairperson, Ms. Shobana Kamineni received the prestigious “First Ladies Award” from the Hon’ble President of India in honor of being the First Woman President of CII at the Rashtrapati Bhavan on the evening of 20th January 2018. These special awards were conferred upon 112 women from across domains, each who has been an achiever par excellence and made India proud with their stellar achievements.