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Mineral Fusion - The end of this rainbow has a pot of gold | Beauty Tip! Our Color Correction Primer is | Lip Pencil & Lip Gloss pairings, plus..

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The end of this rainbow has a pot of gold full of products that will make you glow! 🍀 Today ONLY, 15% OFF featured products! https://goo.gl/56QypZ

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Beauty Tip! Our Color Correction Primer is a soothing formula that evens out your skin tone, fills in lines, and smoothes texture creating a balanced canvas for makeup application. #beautytip #greenbeauty #flawlessskin #crueltyfreebeauty #crueltyfreecosmetics #mineralfusion

Mineral Fusion Photo 2018-03-13 13:37

Lip Pencil & Lip Gloss pairings, plus 15% OFF featured products, today only! We suggest Lovely Lip Gloss & Splendid Lip Pencil, Clarity Lip Gloss & Graceful Lip Pencil, Dazzle Lip Gloss & Elegant Lip Pencil, and Vixen Lip Gloss & Burnish Lip Pencil. What's you favorite combo?

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Beauty Tip! The perfect Cupid's Bow is within your reach. Read our article to find out how. 👄Plus 15% OFF Featured Products! Today Only! March 13, 2018. https://goo.gl/3wZkhy

Mineral Fusion Photo 2018-03-01 23:15

Even though it’s cold and rainy outside it’s never too soon to start building your tan for summer! Get a naturally bronzed glow with our Bronze Body Care System. Photo credit @lavendascloset

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Be one of the first 100 fans to buy the Liquid Eyeliner 'A Beautiful Mess' calls her favorite - for only $10! Use coupon code EYELINER100 at checkout. 👸