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Photos from Mini-Kits's post - Mini-Kits 2018-08-17 00:17

There has been an increase of interest in FM Amateur Television recently in Australia and Europe, so we have now produced a New 2.3 to 2.5GHz 12 to 13cm band FM ATV TX version of the popular 1.2GHz TX. FM ATV compared to digital TV is much easier to transmit as it does not require linear amplifie...

Photos from Mini-Kits's post - Mini-Kits 2018-07-31 06:20

A very busy day today making up 36 x PGA-103 amplifiers for a commercial job. There are 16 parts on each board that's 576 parts placed onto the boards with tweezers and around 30 solder joints per board, that's over 1000. It took around 5 hours and I still have to solder connectors on the boa...

Mini-Kits Photo 2018-07-30 01:59

We have added many new products into stock in the past few weeks including Epcos / TDK Ferrite cores that are suitable for suppression of noise, and for use as chokes in power amplifiers on 137 and 472kHz. I have tried to keep the part number generic like the Fair-rite brand with T157 being a 1...

Photos from Mini-Kits's post - Mini-Kits 2018-07-10 01:11

The Mini-Kits 20dB Directional Coupler Return Loss Bridge module Is ideal for checking the return loss measurement and impedance matching of the input and output of amplifiers, filters, and antennas. The module uses a Mini-circuits ADC-20-4 coupler that has a 5 to 1000MHz frequency range and has...

Mini-Kits Photo 2018-06-20 02:21

With recent WSPR tests on the 630m 472kHz band using only 5W into the very inefficient resonant antenna, a problem has been found with causing interference to the ADSL modem that causes erratic performance with poor and intermittent data throughput. Another Ham has also found the same issue and ha...

Photos from Mini-Kits's post - Mini-Kits 2018-05-18 04:12

The final version of the 472kHz 630m band Transverter Kit is now in stock. In most cases you can use an existing HF dipole like a G5RV as a top loaded vertical, and a series Inductor of around 500uH on a low frequency ferrite to get resonance on 472kHz. With WSPR expect stations to hear your sig...

Photos from Mini-Kits's post - Mini-Kits 2018-04-07 07:55

Built up a quick variometer and matching transformer for 472kHz this afternoon and got an extra 5 to 7dB sig to noise. With the New EME223 472kHz Transverter and 5 Watts, it might now be enough to hear on WSPR interstate.

Gain Block & Drivers Millimeter Wave Amplifiers

Thanks To Doug Friend VK4OE for alerting me to this. Most Broadcom previously Avago and HP amplifiers and diodes have been marked as end of life and are all discontinued. This includes low noise PHEMT MMICs like the MGA86563, MGA82563 etc. There appears to be no replacements from Broadcom or other...

Photos from Mini-Kits's post - Mini-Kits 2018-01-16 23:43

We have added two new PGA-103 amplifier modules to our product range to cover the 70cm 430-450MHz and ADS-B 1090MHz bands. We will add a 2M 144-148MHz version soon. These are available as a built and tested PC board module, or in an aluminium enclosure.

Widespread Component Shortages Expected Through 2H 2017

It is becoming increasingly difficult sourcing standard electronic components with many manufacturers ceasing production of mainly leaded components and with company merges. This also increases prices as there is no competition between manufacturers which is currently being seen with leaded capacit...
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