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How to Heal Your Gut (Research + a Plan) - Modern Alternative Mama

There are endless gut healing diets, supplements, and protocols. Everyone has a different idea about which foods or supplements are good and bad, and why.

Most of the diets are extremely strict with lots of steps and stages. Many of the supplements are expensive and can come with some s...

Spring Blend Herbal Tea - Modern Alternative Mama

This gorgeous tea uses flavors that are common in the springtime — from fruits and flowers that are beginning to ripen and bloom, and a common “weed” that grows wildly everywhere.

The tea is not only pretty, it tastes good. It’s fresh, light, and fruity with a floral hint. It’s perfec...

Join Colleqtiv! - Modern Alternative Mama

Fight censorship and sign up for Collective!

Colleqtiv is a new social site that’s built around having a natural-minded community and a place to share openly, without fear of censorship.

We want to reward you for your help with our mission, but today is the LAST CHANCE to sign up an...

How to Protect Unvaccinated Children - Modern Alternative Mama

Although early studies point to unvaccinated kids being healthier in general (and I believe that children whose immune systems are stimulated naturally and not interfered with chemically are generally healthier), there is still some risk involved.

Here are some things you can do to prot...
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