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Photos from Kim Chiu's post - Kim Chiu 2018-05-21 13:53

@chinitaprincess: a trip wouldn’t be complete without doing a #KIMadvenCHIUre 👍🏻😁 because of the weather this is the only thing we can do no skydive this time!!!🙁☁️🌫❄️ rode the longest zip line in canada, 4 stops of zip lining for a total of 4km👌🏻👀 then for the first time white water rafting for 45mins!!! kinda masakit sa arms, really bumby ride plus really cold water but super worth it had soooo much fun!!!!😁🌊🌲 4km zip line + white water rafting = another ✔️ to my #KIMadventCHIUre list 😁 #adrenalinejunkie