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Mtel Limited - With international expansion always the top | 太正! TGIF!,試下公司個 Alexa會唔會偷笑先⋯,http://money.cnn.. | 好多時去護理專門店買藥都唔知邊隻先最適合自己,有零售商利用NFC技術設立智能貨架,增..

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With international expansion always the top priority for businesses in different sectors, the rise of e-commerce has undeniably changed the way the world does business at every level.

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Flonase gets NFC-enabled 'smart' shelves in Canadian retailers


A wide selection of drugs and pills provided by healthcare stores can stress customers out of having no idea what to choose. Smart shelves might alleviate this paralyzing problem by reaching consumers in store by deliver...

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有齊蛋糕、壽司、薯片、汽水,無錯,三月份生日會又嚟啦!大家飲飽食醉之後仲有分享環節添,COO Jeff就介紹咗公司嘅海外發展計劃,依家正拓展緊具有潛力嘅泰國同越南市場,繼續密切留意我地嘅進展啦!🎂🍣🥤🎊

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Hong Kong’s SFC seeks input on tighter cybersecurity measures

When seminars and conferences set off a wave of UX strategies discussion, cybersecurity has always been overlooked as the first line of defense in regarding to user privacy. But recent cyber crisis reminds us that an insecure network could bring disastrous consequences to businesses and brands.

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The era of cashless future has arrived, while we are starting to embrace and accept mobile payment by entering password and fingerprints, usage of biometric measures is on the rise due to its simplicity and accessibility.


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Amazon targets teen market with new app-based program

呢個世代連三歲細路都攞住部手機篤篤篤,對數碼內容分分鐘仲熟過大人!零售巨擘Amazon就睇準呢個機會,俾13至17歲嘅後生仔體驗網購樂趣,家長同時可以喺app set定budget,唔使驚超支,咁就皆大歡喜啦!

From baby boomers, Gen X, Gen Y to millennials, target audience of brands and retailers has a tendency of getting increasingly young. By giving them freedom to shop online with certai...
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