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Nike readies test for ‘App at Retail’ to enhance store experience – Lovely Mobile News

平時喺舖頭買嘢,有時都會用手機嘅search engine check吓件產品嘅資料,如果可以直接用app喺實體店做哂掃描產品、瀏覽資料、睇店舖獨家優惠,甚至俾埋錢,直情喺將零售體驗推向另一層次!

In-store retail experience can alter the shopping habits of customers. Nike tests out “App at Retail” for shoppers to scan product availability while visiting in stores. One tiny improvement can m...

An app that tries to make picking up trash fun just got a $225,000 cash injection from the US government

垃圾都好有用!除咗用嚟分類,仲可以用嚟追蹤!Litterati App透過全球用戶收集近百萬件被執起垃圾嘅位置,利用龐大數據量分析垃圾嘅分佈情況,甚至影響增加煙草稅嘅政策,難怪美國政府都要注資啦!

Trash can be treasurable! Litterati is a crowdsourcing app that collected locations of nearly a million pieces of garbage. The number is large enough to be analyzed the distribution that even th...

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生活重覆沉悶,偶爾都需要啲有趣嘅衝擊!行街只要見到有Pincodes,一scan就可以link去專屬圖像版面,呢個品牌嘅宣傳渠道,等顧客每日都有新發現, 好有創意呀!

When life gets dull, we need to shake things up! Pinterest gives shoppers exciting moments to discover Pincodes by scanning during shopping. Great chance for brands to connect with customers with inspiring i...

This New App Can Get You Free Drinks at the Bar

去酒吧飲嘢,緊係最想聽到 「呢round我嘅!」,Swing應用程式就隨時俾到驚喜你!佢利用藍芽連接客人,知你留咗幾耐,免費請你飲嘢!呢種同顧客互動嘅貼心舉動,肯定好高回頭率啫!

A little treat can bring great returns! Customers often spend at least a few hours in bar, Swing App records how long have they stayed and give them buybacks at some point! What a warming surprise!...

Amazon adds app-based photo confirmation for deliveries

網購愈黎愈hit,但衍生嘅收貨問題亦愈黎愈多,所謂「有圖有真相」,想避免誤會,可以學吓Amazon推出嘅internal app,送貨員任務完成後影張相做個記錄,少咗拗撬,同顧客關係好咗,自然可以建立良好嘅品牌形象,其實喺幾年前我地已經幫物流同電訊公司做緊呢樣嘢啦。

Online shopping is reshaping ecommerce, but delivery problems are created as well. Mobile app is a practical tool by allowing personnel to take a photo on the ...

Barclaycard technology invites restaurant customers to ‘Dine & Dash’ – Lovely Mobile News

出去食飯當然想好好享受,但有時埋單等到頸都長,破壞哂用餐體驗,有餐廳推出Dine & Dash智能服務,飯前飯後用手機嘟一嘟檯上嘅電子裝置,就可以即刻埋單走人,咁方便真係想日日出街食呀,依家香港都有類似嘅服務啦!

Dining experience can be ruined by waiting for the bill for ages. Dine & Dash solves the trouble like a breeze by using mobile to scan device on table to proceed transactio...

Campari eases liquor ordering with NFC-enabled fridge magnets


No one can deny the convenience of online shopping, retailer Campari knows how to make your life even easier. The kitchen magnet allows customers to buy liquor with a few taps by utilizing NFC technology!...
Winning moment! - Mtel Limited 2018-05-25 07:00

Winning moment! - Mtel Limited 2018-05-25 07:00

Winning moment!: Happy Friday! 趁今日回帶下今個Happy Wednesday嘅衝線一刻先🐎🐎!贏錢嗰個moment大家都好激動呀!實在太刺激喇~😎😍😍🏆

#HappyFriday #horseracing #excitement #winner #Mtel #team #teamspirit #hooray

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Digital trend is impacting various industries, where retail is evolving with an unprecedented pace among all. From live stream shopping channel on traditional television, to live video viewed on mobile, it has never failed to entertain audience and bring surges in sales. And now, how retaile...

TasteToGo on the App Store - Mtel Limited 2018-05-11 06:48

✨ 🆕長江中心嘅CKC18%E9幕啦‼️✨入面嘅美食概念店 food le parc 可以用 Taste-to-Go App📲喺唔同嘅食店counters 嗌嘢食,仲一次過俾埋錢,加埋用MoneyBack App賺埋積分,幫你慳水慳力!即刻download趁今個weekend去體驗下啦!😎😋

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Undergrounddv 達哥 - Mtel Limited 2018-05-11 03:16

長江中心嘅CKC18開幕啦🆕!入面嘅美食概念店 food le parc 可以用 📲Taste-to-Go App 喺唔同嘅食店counters 嗌嘢食,仲一次過俾埋錢,加埋用MoneyBack App賺埋積分,幫你慳水慳力!即刻download趁今個weekend去體驗下啦!達哥都試用咗啦,幾時到你呀?😀✌️

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