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Mtel Limited Photo 2018-09-25 00:02

香港都有露營達人同戶外愛好者都啱嘅Go Wild Pass App!鼓勵你走出戶外,走出香港,只要係特定路線同機場check in,就可以換取積分啦!快啲download開始你自己嘅健康生活方式啦!

There is the mobile app Go Wild Pass tailored for local camping expert and outdoor enthusiast in Hong Kong as well! It rewards users with mileages by encouraging them to checking in at local hi...

Automatic savings app Digit can now pay off credit card debt for you

應用程式已經發展到好似理財專家幫你儲錢還錢,想好好管理自己嘅財政,咁就要download Credit Check Powered by TU啦,免費睇到信貸評分,掌握自己財政狀況,就唔驚突如其來嘅額外洗費啦!

Mobile app can act as your personal financial assistant nowadays. Financial management is critical for life planning, mobile app Credit Check Powered by TU allows you to check your credit...

Walmart arms Lawn & Garden staff with mobile POS


One-to-one service shows how much a brand value their customers. Walmart personalized shopping experience by empowering staff with point-of-sale technology to check out with customers. This awesome feature may turn the di...

A new app called Garden helps you stay in touch with friends and family without Facebook

社交媒體上面人人都有過百個friends,但你又有幾耐無同佢地傾過偈?不如試吓換個方式溝通?Garden App會 send push notifications提示你同朋友幾耐無聯繫,等你重拾真正友誼!

Feel tired of social media? Perhaps you can change the way to communicate with your family and friends. Garden App uses push notifications to remind you it’s time to catch up with them in a ...

Fred Segal, Mastercard partner for shoppable windows

網購之所以能夠威脅到實體店嘅地位,在於佢嘅全天候stand by功能,有品牌為咗填補呢個缺口,喺店面放置智能屏幕,就算非營業時間都俾人可以window shopping!簡直係購物狂嘅福音!

eCommerce becomes a real threat to physical stores due to its 24/7 services. A brand installed digital screen at the front of brick-and-mortar store for customers to browse and buy products during ...

Singaporean startup to merge transport options in one app

交通就好似係城市嘅脈搏一樣咁重要,有新加坡start up集所有交通資訊於一app,提供實時路面情況,用戶可以一次過計劃路線、預訂乘車時間同埋付款,值得香港仿效,一齊向smarter city進發!

Transportation is closely connected with every citizen as veins of the city. Singaporean start-up integrated all transportation info in one app to streamline traffic planning process. Should Hong...
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