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Art Buzz - My Modern Met 2017-12-11 17:21

Art Buzz: Woodlife Inc. has created an incredible, spiraling wooden Christmas tree (called “The Restore Hope Tree”) for a charity event supporting foster children.
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Roy Lichtenstein | Stepping Out | The Met

"Stepping Out" is marked by Roy Lichtenstein's customary restriction to the primary colors and to black and white; by his thick black outlines; and by the absence of any shading except that provided by the dots imitating those used to print comic strips. Yet beneath the simplicity of means and commonplace subject matter lies a sophisticated art founded on a great deal of knowledge and skill. The male is based on a figure in Fernand Léger's painting "Three Musicians" of 1944, but seen in mirror image. He wears a straw hat, high-collared shirt, and striped tie; the flower in his lapel is borrowed from another Léger painting. The female figure, with her dramatically reduced and displaced features, resembles the Surrealistic women depicted by Picasso during the 1930s.

British Museum Photo 2017-12-11 11:34

Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire, became an important centre in the production of sumptuous jewellery. Skilled craftspeople used new techniques and imported gemstones to create luxury items which were coveted far and wide. This earring and necklace set shows the skill of Byzantine jewellers – they feature emeralds, pearls and blue sapphires and were made around AD 600. They’re from a treasure of 36 pieces found in Egypt, then part of the Byzantine Empire. You can buy beautiful jewellery inspired by Byzantine designs in our online shop – the perfect festive gift for a special someone:

National Gallery Photo 2017-12-11 10:12

Here, the Early Netherlandish painter Petrus Christus, sets his Nativity scene within an architectural grisaille 'frame' recalling a medieval church portral, replete with carved statuary. On either side of the portal and facing inwards, towards the infant Christ, are the prominent grisaille figures of Adam and Eve. See this work in 'Monochrome: Painting in Black and White': From 11–17 December, we are offering a range of #Monochrome treats for National Lottery players. Find out more here: