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Real Agĩkũyũ History and culture - Nairobikenya 2018-03-30 11:18

A typical Gĩk%C5y%A9 woman coming from mũg%C5nda %28shamba) would look like the one in the photo below.

The photo is of a young mother taken on first may 1923

The big 'bag' is called nyamĩkwa. It used for carrying food stuff like ngwacĩ, bananas, millet etc.

The small bag is kĩondo for carryi...

Strive Masiyiwa - Nairobikenya 2017-09-16 07:51

"Nothing turns on this" (Part 3)
__What do you do if you find out someone paid a bribe?

Let me tell you what I did... We lost a deal because some senior state government officials wanted almost $10m in bribes. They were quite clear that if we did not pay we would be...
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