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An excerpt from Prime magazine. We totally agree. 99% we turn away young people for invasive treatments. In particular hair transplants. The only times we would consider cosmetic procedures or hair transplant surgery is if all avenues have been exhausted and the parents were with them to make sure...

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The photo below is of surgery. However, my favorite photo is of the lady with severe alopecia areata. The amount of follocles stimulated to grow with 1 treatment of Dr Bosnich's secret method outdoes the recommendati...

Newin Institute - Newin Institute 2016-09-28 01:36

We have been inundated with eyebrow transplant surgery, in particular over the last 12 months. Perhaps people are realising the convenience of having your own natural hair that requires minimal grooming and up-keep compared to camouflage make-up or tattooing (fades to a funny colour and needs to...

Cortisone: The End of an Era - Newin Institute 2016-07-18 00:38

Cortisone interrupts healing and depositing of new collagen. It stops stem cell and growth factor proliferation. Speak to us today about our new world-class technology to isolate stem cells and growth factors from your own blood to enhance wound repair and recover from injury, slow down the ageing...

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Peptide hormones are made from amino acids. The most popular known peptide hormones are human growth hormone (hGH) and insulin-like growth factor 1 (or IGF1), both of which are anabolic hormone that is responsible for cell growth and proliferation. You can read up more on Peptides by visit...

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Hair Transplant Surgery has undergone extensive refinement of techniques over recent years, producing faster, more natural results for Hair Loss than ever before. Visit us at for more information or call us on (03) 9693 9200 to discuss your needs.

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It is not commonly known that Hair Transplant Surgery offers a successful and permanent solution to thickening or replacing eyebrows for cosmetic enhancement. It costs less than you think. However, the surgery is very delicate and so the result is highly dependent on the skills and artistry of the...

Peptide Information for Anti-Aging | Dr Rhett Bosnich

What are peptides useful for and who should take them?

Among other benefits, peptide supplements are commonly and safely used in exercise, anti-ageing and regenerative medicine to:

- Encourage weight loss
- Improve muscle strength
- Improved physical endurance and well-being...

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With our premium prescription peptide medication, you could achieve your health goals faster. Talk with us about how the newest advancement in Biotechnology and Regenerative Medicine could be of benefit to you: (03) 9693 9200

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If you're serious about your health and fitness and want to see real results, our personalised Peptide management program could be ideal. Learn more:
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