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Want to get the brain-savvy approaches that can speed healing and reduce symptoms for even your most traumatized clients?

In this short course with Dr. Bessel van der Kolk on “How to Rewire the Traumatized Brain,” you’ll get the expert strategies to bring the “thinking brain” back online an...

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How can we pinpoint the effect that trauma has had on a client?

To start, we need to know how the nervous system impacts our clients’ response to trauma. And for more than 40 years, Stephen Porges, PhD has made this his life’s work.

His groundbreaking Polyvagal Theory has been ins...

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Bessel van der Kolk, Rick Hanson, Tara Brach and several other experts reveal their most effective strategies for disrupting the powerful barriers that keep your clients stuck.

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In this new CE course, discover how you can help clients emerge from trauma stronger, happier, and more resilient than before. Check it out:

What is Post-Traumatic Growth? - NICABM 2017-12-09 13:00

Sometimes a client who has experienced trauma can emerge at a higher level of happiness than before.
Researcher and author Sonja Lyubomirsky, PhD shares her perspectives on how to foster post-traumatic growth and help clients become more resilient.

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Marsha Linehan, Steven Hayes, Sue Johnson and more give you expert strategies for understanding and healing the damage caused by a client’s feeling of inadequacy.

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For 663 million people around the world, it’s normal to spend 4 hours a day lugging water back home from miles away. But this is something we can change… so we hope you’ll join us. You can find out how here:
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