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Nursing Notes by Johnson & Johnson Photo 2018-07-03 13:40

Our latest Notes for the Nursing Community e-digest dives deeper into the second annual Northeastern University Nurse Hackathon, where healthcare professionals came together to think collaboratively about ways to tackle the opioid crisis. Learn more here:

Nursing Notes by Johnson & Johnson Photo 2018-07-02 16:30

Are you a nurse with an innovation story to share? We want to hear more from you about how nurses are changing human health. Starting next week, you can share your stories with us – stay tuned for details!

Nursing Notes by Johnson & Johnson Photo 2018-06-29 13:45

Our latest Notes for the Nursing Community e-digest features Donna Rolin, Ph.D., APRN, who is preparing student nurses for real-world experiences with the RoboAPRN project at University of Texas Austin School of Nursing. Find out more:

Nursing Notes by Johnson & Johnson Photo 2018-06-28 18:46

In our end-of-month Notes for the Nursing Community e-digest, we learn more about nurse innovators bringing their ideas to life at the Northeastern University Nurse Hackathon, as well as nursing students who are gaining real-world experience by using robot technology. Read more here: https:/...

​Innovation Studio helps bring health care ideas to reality

At The Ohio State University College of Nursing, chief innovation officer Tim Raderstorf is taking steps to make innovation more accessible for all. Learn more about his idea for the Innovation Studio, a mobile lab that gives students the resources to bring their innovative ideas to life:

Nursing Notes by Johnson & Johnson Photo 2018-06-22 13:30

The Nurse Executive Leadership Seminar series, presented by AORN and Johnson & Johnson, helps operating room nurses strengthen their patient care skills through continuing education. Learn more in our June issue of Notes for the Nursing Community:

Nursing SharkTank: Helping People Live Healthier Lives with Dignity

This month, nurses from across the country traveled to Boston for a "Nurse SharkTank," an event hosted by Northeastern University School of Nursing to showcase nurse-led innovations that are improving patient care. Read more about the event from Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action:

Nursing Notes by Johnson & Johnson Photo 2018-06-08 13:15

In our latest podcast episode, we talked to Suzanne Shugg, a nurse who has continuously found ways to implement innovative change throughout her career. From implementing preventative clinics to founding a telehealth company, Suzanne knows the importance of innovative care. Listen here: http...

Nurse Practitioners Boost Presence By 43% In Rural America

In rural areas, nurse practitioners account for 1 in every 4 healthcare providers. This significant increase – 43% from 2008 to 2016 – is helping to strengthen overall healthcare delivery, according to this Forbes article:
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