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Obsessive Compulsive - Worth reading! | A good read by our friend, Emily | Yeah Id say most of us are great at this! | Recovery from OCD/Anxiety..

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Recovery from OCD/Anxiety is possible and you shouldn't have to wait! At least finding help to dramatically improve the quality of your life, I don't mean become a high functioning anxiety person!
As much as you might want to let go of your disorder is also as much as you cling to it....
OCD Sexual and Violent Intrusive Thoughts and URGES

OCD Sexual and Violent Intrusive Thoughts and URGES

OCD Sexual and Violent Intrusive Thoughts and URGES: What about the frightening 'urges' that come with OCD sexual and violent intrusive thoughts??!! What are they are what are common questions that come with them?

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Consuming counterfeit medicines is harmful. Avoid fake medicines by purchasing only from trusted sources like drugstores and licensed manufacturers and distributors. Don’t buy drugs from websites that sell prescription drugs without a doctor’s prescription. Discard medicines if the size, color or brand insignia is different from what you are used to take. Even better, always consult with your TMC doctor on the medicines you need to take and where to buy them. For appointments or inquiries, call the Department of Medicine at (02) 988-1000 / 988-7000 loc. 6376 or visit http://bit.ly/DepartmentOfMedicine1122