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Old Nick's Pub - Tonight at 8pm: Breaking BINGO. Win cash | Coming on the 28th with VCR and Glit: Brooklyn | Our new signs! ,When we retrofitted..

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Old Nick's Pub Photo 2018-05-18 19:10

Our new signs!
When we retrofitted this space, we pushed hard for one big non-gendered bathroom. For a number of reasons, it was not allowed.
So, though we have gendered bathroom spaces- both bathrooms are open to any person regardless of gender identity or expression.
See you out there, Eugene!

Old Nick's Pub Photo 2018-05-16 20:28

Old Nick’s is proud to announce that we will become family friendly starting next week!
Children under 21 will be allowed in the pub before 8pm. Come try our new menu- anything can be sized for kids, and we have some fun items yours are going to love. We’re finally the classic British neighbor...

Old Nick's Pub Photo 2018-05-14 16:55

We serve Breakfast ALL DAY!
Yes, that means right until 1:45am, folks!
Hankering for our signature Golden French Toast, but just don’t want to leave the house?
We are now signed up with Hungry Ducks for fresh hot delivery right to your door step. Wow!
Come check out the new ...

Old Nick's Pub Photo 2018-05-05 17:00

Join Eugene's vintage scooter club, TDC, in celebrating it's 20th year throwing scooter rallies in Oregon! Evening entertainment features ska-soul-reggae band, The Bandulus, from Portland and Ready Steady Soul Club's ALL OR NOTHING record party before and after the band, spinning 1...

Old Nick's Pub Photo 2018-05-05 00:23

OMG! Have you tried our Reuben??? 😳👌
Made with premium corned beef from Long's Meat Market- slow roasted in house to a melt in your mouth perfection. Served on a crisp and chewy rye, and smothered with tangy kraut, select melted swiss, and a superb thousand island sauce. Your tastebu...
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