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A Course and a Correction - OPEN magazine, India 2018-02-25 04:58

A Course and a Correction: An affiliation for a degree earlier denied to Public Health Foundation of India by a pioneering medical institute leaves many questions unanswered. An Open investigation.

Playing With Faith - OPEN magazine, India 2018-02-24 09:57

Playing With Faith: With the Congress cashing in on the Lingayats’ demand for a separate religious identity, Karnataka’s caste politics comes full circle on the eve of a nervous Assembly election.

Being a Diamantaire in the Time of Nirav Modi

The bling-bling brotherhood: On being a diamantaire in the time of Nirav Modi.

The Great Indian Bank Robbery - OPEN magazine, India 2018-02-23 05:56

The Great Indian Bank Robbery: The Rs 11,400 crore scandal featuring the high-flying diamond dealer Nirav Modi brings out in stark detail the country’s broken banking system.

OPEN magazine, India Photo 2018-02-23 04:55

The last sigh of the absolute lover: An ageing memoirist returns to the saddest of love stories in The Only Story, the new novel by Julian Barnes.
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Boost Your Region - Week 1 - Facebook 2018-02-23 09:12

Boost Your Region - Week 1: If you invest in a small business, you are investing in a community. As part of our Boost Your Region initiative, this past week we have hosted 23 workshops and events in Mackay, and surrounding towns, with small business owners, not-for-profit organisations and local success stories like Big On Shoes Small World Dreams and Mark Fitz Photography. We want to empower regional communities around Australia to use digital platforms to succeed and thrive online. As part of this initiative, over the past week we have worked with over 750 local organisations to talk about how they can use digital platforms like Facebook and Instagram to connect with their audience and achieve their goals, and to learn from them about their experiences so far. Thank you Mayor Greg Williamson and George Christensen for joining us to celebrate the local community and inspire future success stories. #mackaypride #facebookboostnq