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Pearson Professional Programs - Global Learning Opportunities

Blended programs bring the best of classroom and online learning together. Learners get to learn at their own pace, delve into topics that interest them, and at the same time, the faculty can focus on using technology to provide better instructions. In a recently published article in Hindustan...

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Learn how to improve your business performance with data and statistical analysis. Advance your career with Columbia University’s Business Analytics program. Get more details here:

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Not only does #MyPedia engage with students though immersive learning techniques, it also helps teachers in enhance their professional skills.

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The ‘IOT Fundamentals: Networking Technologies, Protocols and Use Cases for the Internet of Things’ provides a deep insight into what IoT applications can do and what it takes to deliver them. Order a copy here:


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The PTE Academic exam is accepted for study purposes in a range of institutions in Canada. Schedule your test today and fulfill your dreams of studying in Canada: #PTEAcademic

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The all new 'Java 9 for programmers' is a comprehensive guide to java programming for beginners. The book features hundreds of complete Java 9 programs with hundreds of software development tips that will help you build robust applications. Order a copy today: