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Meet Doricus, just one of the many beautiful children our Mission Trip Team treated in Tanzania. Please click on the link below to read about how our team partners with Mending Kids to perform life-changing procedures and improve the lives of so many children.
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Not all medical concerns warrant a trip to the emergency room except for a number of life-threatening reasons in adults. Check out this infographic to know all 11 of them: Keep these in mind and save The Medical City Emergency Department's numbers on your phone: (02) 988-1000 / 988-7000 ER Triage 1 – ext. 6174 ER Triage 2 – ext. 7876 ER Urgent 1 – ext. 6175 ER Urgent 2 – ext. 3215 ER Emergent- ext. 6564 ER pedia - ext. 6848, 6839 ER trauma - ext. 6173 ER office- ext. 6610 (M-F 8-5 only)