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British Museum Photo 2017-12-17 17:00

The wheel of life is depicted in this 19th-century Tibetan Buddhist thangka. A thangka is used for teaching or as a devotional object and this one shows the world in the arms of the demon Mara, who is associated with temptation, death and impermanence. The three segments at the top of the wheel show the higher realms of existence, and the bottom three show the sufferings of animals, ghosts and hell. See this colourful painted textile in our #LivingWithTheGods exhibition, exploring beliefs from around the world and through time – find out more and book tickets: Listen to Neil MacGregor talk about this object in the final episode of our partnership BBC Radio 4 series here:

Sprout Social Photos - The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 2017-12-17 14:01

In an effort to curtail England's influence in the East, Napoleon Bonaparte embarked on a secret mission to invade Egypt in 1798. In addition to his military goals, Napoleon used the campaign to mount the first large-scale scientific expedition related to the study of both ancient and modern Egypt. He intended to document antiquities, ethnography, architecture, and natural history, taking with him 150 artists, scientists, architects, and printers who compiled a monumental record of the campaign. Featured Artwork of the Day: Le Description de l'Egypte | 1809–1829 | Paris

Gun of the Day - NRA Museums 2017-12-17 14:00

GUN OF THE DAY - Remington Model 3200 Shotgun Following the success of their Model 32 shotgun that ended its run during WWII, Remington brought out a similar, but simplified, over-under smoothbore with automatic ejectors and a single selective trigger in 1973. This time, the manufacturing run was to last less than a decade, although some later limited edition guns were also created. Bore: 12 gauge Production Date: c. 1977 #NRAmuseums #GunOfTheDay #guns #shotgun Remington Arms Company