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p!nk Photo 2019-03-22 08:01

Reposted from @pink - We celebrated our 100th show of the tour tonight in San Antonio with one of the best crowds ever. What a night. I’m holding Willows ears so I can say how I really feel about it ❤️❤️ - #regrann

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Reposted from @pink_fanclub - H̶U̶R̶T̶S̶ ̶2̶B̶ ̶H̶U̶M̶A̶N̶ available April 26 💿 Pre-save on Spotify and Amazon Music via pinkspage.com 🎶

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Reposted from @hartluck - Willz has put together a fundraiser for sloths. Here she is selling copies of her report for 5 bucks to the band and crew at the show tonight! For an extra buck she will autograph it 🤘🏼. Lil girl is way ahead of her time!!! Love that she chooses to do these types ...

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Reposted from @jayylutz - NASA TOUR 🚀🚀🚀
thanks @nasajohnson science is rad space is rad - #regrann

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Reposted from @lauraspratt83 - NASA!!! Johnson space centre, Houston! Incredible!! #johnsonspacecenter #nasa #houston #beautifultraumaworldtour2019 - #regrann

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Reposted from @pinkeuropeans - Rock on 😉 > #Repost @drdavept - Everybody- “Oh wow, touring the world must be awesome, is backstage crazy?” . Me- “Yes it is awesome, backstage is crazy all the time!” . Real life Dancer Dressing room pictured above -I stood here for 1 minute...no...

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Reposted from @pink - TBT 08’ this was about two hours after I checked out of the hospital in nyc for tonsillitis 📸 @deborahandersoncreative - #regrann

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Reposted from @pink - Everyone — regardless of who you are or how much you make — deserves health care. The attack on Title X, the nation’s program for affordable birth control and reproductive health care, could leave millions without care. I stand with Planned Parenthood to #ProtectX: ...