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Public School - PSNY x JORDAN x CHINATOWN ROCKITS: The vast | Public School Spring 2018 'COME AGAIN': Spring | 'COME AGAIN' - 'Picking up from last..

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PSNY x JORDAN x CHINATOWN ROCKITS - Public School 2017-09-19 14:56

PSNY x JORDAN x CHINATOWN ROCKITS: The vast local communities of NYC are the driving force of the city. Their unique experiences offer an ever changing point-of-view on what it means to be a New Yorker. However one thing remains a constant - the celebration of diversity. This season we pay homage ...

PSNY X Jordan at New York Fashion Week - Spring 2018

"COME AGAIN" - "Picking up from last season’s socially conscious show, the Spring 2018 collection is a return to the psyche of the immigrant living here in the US." | Check out the full article written by Jordan

Public School Video 2017-09-12 20:40

PSNY x JORDAN. Stay tuned for the full video.

Director: Bon Duke
DP: Erin Trout
MoVi Op: Ryan Hamlin
Producer: Carmel Quinn
Assistants: John Temones, Mariah P, An-Rong Xu
Post Production: CVLT STUDIO
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