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Rock Hard 4x4 - 'Daddy daughter build. Daddy's is much bigger. | This was just sent to us - love it! #plumcraz.. | JL UPDATE: Front bumpers are in..

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Photos from Rock Hard 4x4's post - Rock Hard 4x4 2018-03-15 17:06

JL UPDATE: Front bumpers are in production! Many variants available:
RH-90210: Full width, steel, low winch
RH-90211: Full width, steel, high winch
RH-90244: Full width, aluminum, high winch
RH-90245: Full width, aluminum, low winch
RH-90215: Mid width, st...

Rock Hard 4x4 Photo 2018-03-12 23:32

Learn more about Rock Hard 4x4! Post your questions below and have them answered by James! We'll put them together in a video Q&A and post it in coming weeks. We'll send out t-shirts to our favorite questions that get answered in the video!

Rock Hard 4x4 Photo 2018-03-09 16:12

James' giving our buddy Stan from Crawlur Offroad a RH-5050 JK Body Mount Tire Carrier demonstration while at TDS. He's now stocking them!