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Menu | Thistle - Eat better. Save time. Feel amazing.

Build your own Thistle menu. You can make it plant-based and gluten-free. Thistle makes it easy to stay healthy and delivers straight to your door.

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We see patients every day that have bad posture or a "text neck." Don't wait until it gets worse - let us help.

Call 408-733-0400 to meet with our Physical Therapy team.

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We are in the 3rd week of January! Are you still committed to your New Years resolution?

Our team can help keep you on track. Call for a free consultation. 408-733-0400.

What is Collagen? 4 Things You Must Know

We've all been hearing about collagen. Dr. Vikki finally dived in and here is her take on it...
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High-tech imaging could reveal mysteries of bone damage in kids with chronic disease

“In chronic disease, we think there’s a window during development when kids’ bones are especially vulnerable,” says Mary Leonard, chair of the Department of Pediatrics at Stanford. “And once [they] stop growing, there’s little opportunity to make the bones thicker. That ship has sailed.” Leonard, who studies how chronic childhood diseases take a toll on patients' bones, is putting her discoveries to good use. "Ultimately, we want to strengthen their bones so they can be happier and more active in childhood and throughout their adult lives as well." Read the full story on the Stanford Medicine blog: