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Dr. Vikki's newest gluten-free, plant-based dinner - Spring Vegetables and Soba Noodles! The sauce she created is bright and full of flavor. You'll enjoy this one!

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So many of my patients complain of hair loss.

If this is you, I want to share good news. There are a few key areas of your body that need to be evaluated to get to the root cause of hair loss.

If you need help; I’m here for you. 408.733.0400


Autoimmune Vitality Online Conference Series

Learn from 60+ experts (including Dr. Vikki Petersen) how to identify and deal with your autoimmune triggers, and how to regenerate your organs and rebalance your immune system in order to thrive!

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We are fascinated by what our genetics might hold, but what happens after you find out bad news...

We use epigenetics to improve your health and "turn off" bad genes.

Schedule a consultation to see our doctor. 408-733-0400

Inflammatory Disease Cured in 72 Year Old

Can a woman in her 70s reverse a chronic inflammatory disease? Yes. The body’s ability to heal itself is much stronger than we give it credit for.

WELLNESS MARKET - Root Cause Medical Clinic 2018-04-08 20:14

Wellness Market - April 14th

11:00am - MINGLE + MATCHA

11:30 - WORKOUT session with Sterling Peterson - bring your tennies :)

12:15 - HOW TO - Fermenting Foods with Casey Hirsch

12:30 - Discussion with Dr. Vikki Petersen DC, CCN, Functional Medicine Doctor

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