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Rosebery Primary Sch - Road Safety is paramount at Rosebery Primary | Ever wondered about why your child likes | Tickets on sale 9:00 am this Wednesday..

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Do you think your child's teacher is the BEST!
Then why not nominate them for Apple for the Teacher Award by going to

We have Hot 100 coming to Rosebery Primary School on Wednesday 8th November at 7.30am to promote Apple for the Teacher.

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Congratulations to Demelza Canuto who tonight has won the Special Educator of the Year Award for the Palmerston and Rural Region. She then took out the overall NT Special Educator of the Year Award too! We are lucky to have this great teacher at Rosebery Primary School.

The Decline of Play and Rise in Children’s Mental Disorders

Just another reason why we focus on play-based Investigations at Rosebery Primary School.

I had a mum ask me recently if her daughter was doing okay for a 6 year old if they were to move back to WA. My response was simple: 'she is only 6 and making sense of her world. She will do this and ...