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AirAsia Photo 2017-08-17 04:30

၂၀၁၇ ခုႏွစ္ရဲ႕ ရက္ရွည္ပိတ္ရက္ေတြ လာေတာ့မွာေနာ္။ ဒါကေတာ့ ဒီႏွစ္အတြက္ ရက္ရွည္ပိတ္ရက္ေတြပဲျဖစ္ပါတယ္။ ခရီးတိုေလးေတြပဲျဖစ္ျဖစ္ ခရီးရွည္ေတြပဲျဖစ္ျဖစ္ ၾကိဳတင္စီစဥ္ထားလို႔ရျပီေပါ့။ Long weekends are coming your way. Here’s 2017 long weekends. Start planning your getaways today!

Hola Barcelona! | Travel Guide ✈️ - Skyscanner 2017-08-17 04:15

Hola Barcelona! | Travel Guide ✈️: [#SkyVideo] Barcelona, Spain boasts striking architecture and beautiful city beaches that keep the tourists flocking in, but dig a little deeper and you'll also find a distinctive Catalonian culture. Uncover the best of Barcelona with our insider tips on what to see and do: Special Thanks to Basílica de la Sagrada Família and Casa Batlló - Gaudí Barcelona.