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Cartoons of Finnish Nightmares Even Non-Finns Can Relate To

Karoliina Korhonen has created a book “Finnish Nightmares: An Irreverent Guide to Life’s Awkward Moments” that depicts typical Finns, but surely all introverts can relate. Featured below are some of our favorites.

Really Accurate Cat Drawings

Cats come in all shapes and forms. Documenting them all, an Instagram account called @DailyPurrr is creating “stupid cat drawings on a daily basis”. The portraits they share is a perfect combination of simplicity and humor.

Unusually Scented Soap Bars

Steering clear of conventional scents like jasmine or lavender, “Whiskey River Soap Co.” invites you to lather up with refreshing scents like Introverts, Hipsters, Midlife Crisis, Awkward Moments, Online Dating, and many more. Might be the perfect gift for a person you low-key hate or fo...

Zero F**ks Coins Allow You To Literally Give Zero F**ks

Orlando, Florida based entrepreneur Justin Heister thought it’d be hilarious to actually physically give his friends zero f**ks so he made a Kickstarter campaign that went viral and raised $81,000 after setting the goal at $4,000. This enabled Heister to gear his focus towards designin...

Fictional Self-Help Books by Johan Deckmann

Copenhagen-based artist Johan Deckmann examines the complications of life through clever titles painted on the covers of fictional self-help books that appear to tackle life’s biggest questions, fears, and absurdities. Scroll down and enjoy! . .

Women On Instagram Are Choosing Not To Shave For #Januhairy

The world would be a better place if we all accepted ourselves in our natural form. That being said, a little trimming (not shaving, trimming) should not be off the table. I’m a dude, and I trim my body hair when it gets too long. It’s just grooming.

This Guy Brilliantly Photoshops Toy Godzilla In His Photos

Freelance photographer Kieran Murray rounded up his photos for the past 4 years and decided to add toy Godzilla into them to make it seem like they are exploring the world together. Why? Because he was bored. And for internet fame, of course. . .