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The Force Is Strong With This Scaffolder | Read our magazine Interview with Eddie Gallen the scaffolder whose universal talents were spotted by The Last Jedi Film

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JOB: New long term project starting in Ponders End North London, 2 years work. All the usual benefits holiday pay, pensions, training opportunities etc. Self employed scaffolders also required.

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#ThrowbackThursday Old school SGB scaffolders in Dover 1954 - Via: Charles Edwards, Linkedin #scaffolding #scaffolders #construction

Smart Scaffolder - ScaffMag 2018-05-24 11:32

Are you aware just how much SMART Handover can offer you?
Take a look at the highlights...
* Track scaffold handovers from the time the digital handover form is signed until they are decommissioned
* Record all handovers on your mobile
* Automatically tracks scaffolds in extra hire