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Seagypsea Photograph - Theres no place like home #northland #mataibay | While I’m not looking forward to the water | It's a shame doctors don't prescribe..

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Seagypsea Photography Photo 2017-12-12 21:57

While I’m not looking forward to the water temperature I am looking forward to being back in the homeland in a few days. #ifyouhavefeelerslookout #newzealand

Seagypsea Photography Photo 2017-07-06 12:58

It's a shame doctors don't prescribe a tropical holiday to cure bronchitis, just looking back through these photos makes me feel a heap better ❤️💦 #antibiodicsforthewin #fromwhereidratherbe

Seagypsea Photography Photo 2017-02-14 01:24

There ain't no place I'd rather be than making the most of my own backyard and in this case the ocean or water. Get salty and #jointhemovement with the Queensland Government’s initiative ✔ @startplayingstayplaying

Seagypsea Photography Photo 2017-01-20 02:31

They call #Vanuatu the Island of smiles for a very, very good reason! Head on over to @billabong_womens_australia and have a squizz at the adventures we got up to in @vanuatuislands recently. This one is one of my favs 💦🌴

Seagypsea Photography Photo 2017-01-16 11:17

Random fact about moi no.1 for 2017: When I lived in Vanuatu I worked as a dive instructor and one of my guests decided to snorkel fully clothed as she forgot her togs ( that's kiwi for bathers ) I remember being so intrigued by the way the material moved underwater that I decided to get cre...

Seagypsea Photography Photo 2017-01-06 21:29

Memoirs from #sayulita 🌴💦 I should really back up hard drives more often... it's amazing what gems you find stored in the archives! Salty Mexican adventures with @billabong_womens_australia & @surfstitch ✖#billabongwomens #mexico #sayulita

Seagypsea Photography Photo 2017-01-06 21:29

I couldn't have picked a better way to wrap up 2016... travelling to @vanuatuislands with @airvanuatu to shoot a fun campaign with some of my favs at @billabong_womens_australia pretty much signed off an insane year of travel and shoots. The full campaign is being released very soon but in t...

Seagypsea Photography Photo 2017-01-06 21:29

Best email of 2017 goes to this amazing customer... all the way from Sweden! Despite some hefty delays in transit ( cheers Christmas ) it is now safe and sound in this gorgeous abode. 😍 This print is called " sealegs " and has the potential to be my new fav, I'm allowed them r...

Seagypsea Photography Photo 2016-10-14 23:27

Introducing my latest collection " SEA LEGS " | this has been a work in progress and features deep blue hues from #newzealand & #australia | to celebrate the launch I'm having a 30% OFF sale STORE WIDE | use code word " SEALEGS " at checkout ...