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SeQuential Biofuels Photo 2018-07-10 21:26

Organic Smoothie Bowls!
Organic mixed berries, honey from Bear Mountain Honey, granola from From the Fields' LLC! Come and try this perfect summer treat today.

Photos from SeQuential Biofuels's post - SeQuential Biofuels 2017-06-30 17:59

The first image is of our bioswale in 2009 and the second is from 2017. The bioswale at our #1 location was designed to slow stormwater flow, then direct it to this corner of the site. Here, surface runoff is held and filtered by specialized vegetation before returning to natural waterways.

Falling Sky Brewing - SeQuential Biofuels 2017-06-21 21:21

Now offering growler fills with great local beer by Falling Sky Brewing! It's going to be extra nice this weekend, so come fill up a growler on your way to the great outdoors!

Only available at our #1 location neat LCC at this time.

State shouldn’t settle for clean fuels compromise

Hello SQ Friends! Check out this opinion letter published today in the Eugene Register Guard by our own Ian Hill regarding the current fight in Salem over the Clean Fuel Program:
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