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Shooting Stars - Music Video: Dj Sylar Ft. Anna - Come Back | DIEPKLOOF Kasi MARKET. | Stay tuned!!!,#Like_Now | Jnr and Rider KILLING IT ON STAGE!!!,#He..

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Canon Imaging Asia Photo 2017-12-13 04:06

“My best friend @_showstopper_ got this 35mm lens, the FD 35mm F/2 S.S.C, as his first lens when he started film photography. He loves it so much he got an adaptor to continue using it as an all-around lens, that is easy to carry and useful for both landscapes and portraits. Because it’s an old lens, it doesn’t have the crisp perfection of a new lens, but that’s what he loves about it – the imperfect beauty of a vintage lens.” Image captured by Takeshi Kusumi, @takeshi.kusumi on Instagram. Shot on the EOS 5D Mark IV with the EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM at ISO 100, f/1.4, 1/800.

Canon Partners' Conference - Canon Middle East 2017-12-12 14:58

Canon Partners' Conference: نحتفل بـ80 عاماً من التاريخ والابتكار المستمر بعروض هولوغرامية وحوائط تفاعلية وأنفاق مزودة بعروض فيديو، هي فقط البداية لرؤية جديدة مميزة تخصصها كانون لمستقبل تقنيّ متطور! Holograms, interactive walls and walk-in display tunnels are only the beginning of what Canon holds for the future! Celebrating 80 years of history and heritage take a look at how our immersive solutions can cater to your evolving demands. #CanonME

Photography Classes, Seminars, Workshops, Courses, Lectures, Photowalk – Nikon School

Here's an outstanding opportunity for photographers in Oman! Learn the art of long exposure in this FREE Nikon School class led by renowned photographer, Mahmoud Marei. BEAUTY OF LONG EXPOSURE with Mahmoud Marei ( ) 16th December 2017, 11AM to 2PM Photographic Society of Oman, Seeb, Oman The class is free but seats are limited. To register, please click on the link below. #NikonSchool