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Sailing the coast of Norway | Skyscanner

Sailing the coast of Norway | Skyscanner: A weekend of sailing in Tromso, Norway? Yes, please ⛵️😍
Check out our amazing trip including drone footage above our sailboat, fishing and exploring the beautiful scenery of this spectacular Arctic coastline.
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Travel Goals - Skyscanner 2018-04-18 00:33

Travel Goals: Crystal clear waters and sandy beaches? YES PLEASE! Someone take me to Exuma NOW!😣🏖️🌊

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Skyscanner Photo 2018-04-16 07:00

$135 could buy you a full tank of petrol, or a ticket to BANGKOK with some change! 😉

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Traveling Buzz - Skyscanner 2018-04-14 03:00

Traveling Buzz: Can someone take me to Maldives this summer? 😭 Tickets are selling from $280 this May. Book now!

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Need to go to Malaysia? Seize these amazing DEALS now!

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Arm yourself with a super soaker and these PRO TIPS to navigate Songkran like a champ! 💦

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June is approaching. That means HOLIDAYS! 🌴✈️😎

From Bangkok to London, here are some ideas for the whole family!

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24 hours in San Francisco (Final) (2).mp4

24 hours in San Francisco (Final) (2).mp4: 24 hours in San Francisco, USA 🇺🇸

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AirAsia Photo 2018-04-19 09:00

ခရီးကျပန္လာျပီး ေနရထိုင္ရတာ တစ္မ်ိဳးၾကီးျဖစ္ေနတဲ့သူေတြရွိလားဗ်ိဳ႕။ ခရီးကျပန္လာျပီးရင္ေတာ့ တက္တက္ၾကြၾကြမရွိေတာ့ပဲ မိႈင္ေထြေနတတ္တာက သဘာ၀ပဲေလ။ အလုပ္ရဲ႕ ကြန္ပ်ဴတာေရွ႕မွာထိုင္ျပီး မိႈင္ေထြေနတာကို ဘယ္လိုကုစားၾကမလဲ။ ပထမဆုံးအေနနဲ႔ ခရီးေဆာင္အိတ္ကိုၾကည့္ျပီး ျပန္လြမ္းေနတတ္တာမို႔ ခရီးေဆာင္အိတ္ထဲက ပစၥည္းေတြကို တတ္ႏိုင္သမွ်အျမန္ဆုံး ရွင္းပါ။ ကိုယ္နဲ႔စိတ္ကို လန္းဆန္းေအာင္ အားကစားတစ္မ်ိဳးမ်ိဳးျပဳလုပ္ပါ။ ၁၀ မိနစ္စာေလာက္လမ္းေလ်ာက္ထြက္တာတို႔၊ ေလ့က်င့္ခန္းျပဳလုပ္ေပးတာက ကိုယ္နဲ႔စိတ္ကိုလန္းဆန္းေစျပီး အိပ္ေပ်ာ္ေစပါတယ္။ သူငယ္ခ်င္းေတြနဲ႔ အခ်ိန္ေပးေတြ႕ဆုံျပီး ေပ်ာ္ရႊင္စရာအခ်ိန္ေတြကိုဖန္တီးပါ။ သူငယ္ခ်င္းေတြနဲ႔ ေတြ႔ဆုံျခင္းဟာ အံ့ၾသစရာေကာင္းေလာက္ေအာင္ မိႈင္ေထြေနတဲ့စိတ္ေတြကို ေျဖေဖ်ာက္ေပးႏိုင္ပါတယ္။ ေနာက္ခရီးစဥ္တစ္ခုကို ၾကိဳတင္ျပင္ဆင္ပါ။ ခရီးတစ္ခုကျပန္လာျပီး မိႈင္ေထြေထြမျဖစ္ေအာင္ ေနာက္ခရီးစဥ္တစ္ခုကို စဥ္းစားျပီးၾကိဳတင္ျပင္ဆင္ျခင္းဟာ စိတ္ကို အလိုအလုိေပ်ာ္လာေစပါတယ္။ အဲေအးရွားရဲ႕ ၇၀ ရာခိုင္ႏႈန္းအထိရရွိမယ့္ပရိုမိုးရွင္းနဲ႔ ေနာက္ခရီးစဥ္တစ္ခုကို ၾကိဳတင္ျပင္ဆင္ရင္း လန္ဆန္းတက္ၾကြလာပါေစ။ You’ve come home from a fabulous vacation and you’re feeling less than cheerful. Who wants to trade sitting by the beach with hunching over the computer at the office? Fortunately, there are a few ways to overcome holiday blues. The first thing to do it to unpack. You may not feel like going through this process immediately after getting home but unpacking your vacation luggage helps you commit to your present time and place, and this goes a long way toward easing gloomy feelings. You should also aim to get as much exercise as possible to rejuvenate your body and mind, even if all you do is go for a quick 10-minute walk. Exercise also relaxes the body and helps correct your sleep patterns if you are struggling with jet lag. Keep the Connection with friends and creating fun activities to do together. Real connections work wonders to improve your mood. If all else fails and you’re still feeling miserable a week after you come home from your trip, plan your next vacation – it’s guaranteed to lift your spirits! Plan your next vacation with our up to 70% OFF!