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Aminsana Events Place: To all couples planning to come to our booth on August 19, 2017 at the (The District Imus) for bridal fair (even if you will not book on the spot)- we will give (2) coupons for FREE food tasting at a newest events place in Amadeo-Tagaytay. We will dis...

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Dedication is an exceedingly strong feeling of support and loyalty for something or someone. #teamstat #stateventsandtrends #loveatwhatyoudo #weddingcoordinator #weddingplanning #tagaytayweddings #manilaweddings #CALABARZON #cavitebased #weddingsph #wedding #catholicweddings ...

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To all couples/ representatives planning to come and visit our booth on the first day of the bridal fair- we will be giving away coupons for FREE food tasting. The FREE food tasting coupon is good for two (2) and will start from 1PM-5PM. Coupons will be given at our booth from 10AM-1...

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If you enter this profession, you’re likely to take on a vast range of responsibilities to make sure that the events you organise are the best they can possibly be. ❤ #loveatwhatyoudo #teamstat #stateventsandtrends #stateventsph #cavitebased #manilabased #manilaweddings #destinatio...

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Wedding prep yesterday! When you need that immediate fix, you call your bride assist. #teamstat #weddingcoordinator #tagaytayevents #cavitebased #CALABARZON #justsaidyes #stateventsandtrends

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Choose your wedding palette and create your own custom color combination. Ask an expert for an opinion so you can easily incorporate it into your wedding day attire and décor.

Photo: 12 Masters Photography
Coordinator: #stateventsph #weddingcoordinator
Hmua Bride: Nelsy Ernst
Hmua ...

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The sampaguita flower is considered the flower of love in many South Asian countries, Indonesia and the Philippines. It is used in wedding and religious ceremonies to symbolize love, devotion, purity and divine hope. The common name sampaguita is believed to come from the Spanish words “sump...

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This was last years' greenery wedding theme of Ron and Elda. Yes, this is like a bouquet of green leaves (obviously) as you see it. And we just can't get enough of the "organic" feel this has brought us.

Photo: Efjay de Leon
Florist: il Fiore
Coordinator: #stateventsph #weddingcoordinator
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