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Sugar Maths Photo 2016-12-19 09:55

An exciting and engaging event is going to begin at Hitex Exhibition Centre from Dec 22 - 25 2016. Come and visit Sugar Maths for Non-stop entertainment, bundled with interactive workshops, contests & competitions. Catch the Hyderabad Kids Fair guide for all the action. #hydkidsfair
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ELS Educational Services, Inc. Photo 2017-08-22 14:00

Two groups, from Japan and Belarus, arrived at #ELSThousandOaks on the same day and originally spent time only in their respective groups. Through group work in classrooms and their instructors using the communicative approach, these students were able to talk and learn about each other and eventually became friends. On this specific day, in lieu of doing separate activities, the students asked if they could play volleyball together! To learn more about ELS/Thousand Oaks, visit: #ELSCenters